This is what we need on the radio: varied music, even if it is 3 types of music.

The Poltergeist Mansion

  • This is the unique list of the files that contains music and images used on the videos featured on these Youtube Channels: ChaosAngel , Emiya, & Moomaria.
  • The list will be updated every time something new gets uploaded, and it will be listed where it belongs.
  • A new post (here in this blog), or a song update will direct you to THIS page when a new compilation is uploaded, don’t worry, you won’t miss anything.
  • From now on, PM’s on the youtube channel asking for any media will be redirected to this link.
  • “Everyone is encouraged to purchase whatever they dig, provided they have the means to do so.” THE wise words of Funkies. (A guide by Moomar has been created to buy doujin CD’s and other stuff).

Without any other detail to clarify, here is the promised list:

Files from the “Lunasa” (Metal) Playlist:


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